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Movie history events from 1936

German troops reoccupy the Rhineland. (Angela's Ashes)

Alvy Singer born. (Annie Hall)

Jesse Owens competes in the Summer Olympics. (Berlin, Germany) (Balls of Fury)

Rick fights with the Loyalist Spaniards. (Spain) (Casablanca)

Clive Candy shoots a Polar Bear. (Labrador) (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp)

Dunes Cantina is established. (Phantasm)

Indiana Jones races against the Nazis to find the Ark of the Covenant. (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Indiana Jones braces numerous traps in order to obtain the Hovito idol, only to have it quickly stolen away by his rival Rene Belloq. (The jungles of Peru) (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Ray Robinson (later Charles) starts to lose his sight from glaucoma after seeing his brother drown in the washtub. (Greenville, Florida) (Ray)

A young officer named John Truscott arrives in Sarawak to govern the local people. While there, he falls in love with his 'sleeping dictionary', a local girl named Selima. (Sarawak) (The Sleeping Dictionary)

Project Armageddon Test Footage: Chronos Sapphire discovered to be the only known element able to stop the Armageddon device. (Spy Kids: All the Time in the World)

Johnny Hooker goes to top con-artist Henry Gondorff to help him 'sting' mob boss Doyle Lonnegan. (Joliet, Illinois) (The Sting)

Dewey Randolph Cox born. (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story)

Monday 20th January: Hannibal Lecter is born. (Lithuania) (Hannibal Rising)

Monday 20th January: King George V dies. His son Edward accedes to the throne, becoming King Edward VIII. (London, England) (The King's Speech)

Saturday 18th July: There is a military uprising led by the Fascist General Francisco Franco against the democratically elected government of Spain. (Spain) (Land and Freedom)

Wednesday 5th August: Alvin Karpis is sent to Alcatraz prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping. (The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover)

Monday 24th August: Daisy Clover makes a record of herself singing and sends it into a talent contest sponsored by Raymond Swan of Swan Studios. This 25 cent investment leads to a studio contract, fame and misfortune. (Angel Beach, CA) (Inside Daisy Clover)

Monday 24th August: David Carr, an underemployed miner and a devote communist, hears an impassioned account of fascist atrocities in Spain and makes up his mind to head off to Barcelona to fight for the Republic. (Liverpool, England) (Land and Freedom)

Monday 7th September: Buddy Holly is born. (Lubbock, Texas) (The Buddy Holly Story)

Thursday 12th November: Daily Record headline: "MAESTRO RECOVERING. ASSAILENT STILL AT LARGE." (Scotland) (Cloud Atlas)

Thursday 12th November: Daily Record headline: "MAESTRO RECOVERING. ASSAILENT STILL AT LARGE." (Scotland) (Cloud Atlas)

Friday 11th December: King Edward VIII abdicates the throne after less than a year as king in order to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson. His brother Albert accedes to the throne, becoming King George VI. (London, England) (The King's Speech)

Monday 28th December: Jacques Mesrine, the most famous criminal in modern French history is born. (Clichy-La-Garenne, France) (Mesrine)

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