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Movie history events from 1908

Chicago Cubs win the World Series, for the last time for 107 years. (Back to the Future Part III)

The Von Brauns arrive in Hill Valley. (Back to the Future Part III)

Joseph Fauste is born. (Children of the Living Dead)

Two year-old Puyi becomes Emperor. (China) (The Last Emperor)

Clive Candy shoots a Thompson's Gazelle. (Somaliland) (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp)

Allenville Penitentiary prison is established. (Allenville Penitentiary, Texas) (The Longest Yard)

Thursday 28th May: Ernst Stavros Blofeld is born. (You Only Live Twice)

Monday 17th August: D.W. Griffith signs with Biograph. (Good Morning, Babylon)

Thursday 27th August: Lyndon B. Johnson is born. (Stonewall, Texas) (The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover)

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