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Movie history events from 1898

A slaughter house located near Greenwich closes down. It would be the site of the murder of a university student about a century later. (New York City) (The Bone Collector)

A young British soldier is named a coward upon resigning his post, but fights on undercover to redeem himself. (Sudan) (The Four Feathers)

Paula Schultz dies. (Texas) (Kill Bill: Volume 2)

Clive Candy starts his service with the British army. (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp)

Stephen Banning comes out of his catatonia at the Engerfield Nursing Home for the Mentally Disordered, and sends for his son. He tells him that when he read from the Scroll of Life, he unintentionally brought back to life Kharis, the mummified high priest of Karnak. (England) (The Mummy)

Sarah Bellows hangs herself in in the Pennhurst hospital (Pennhurst hospital, Mill Valley, Pennsylvania) (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark)

Daniel Plainview finds silver in a mine. (There Will Be Blood)

Aliens leave Mor-Tax for their invasion on Earth, 40 years later. (War of the Worlds)

7th February: French writer Emile Zola is brought to trial for libel for "J'Accuse," his newspaper editorial attacking the French army over the Dreyfus affair. (Dreyfus)

13th May: Thomas Edison sues American Mutoscope and Biograph Pictures, claiming that the studio has infringed on his patent for the Kinetograph movie camera . (Edison, the Man)

21st May: Armand Hammer is born. (Manhattan, New York) (Chernobyl: The Final Warning)

8th July: Soapy Smith killed. (Skagway, Alaska) (Klondike Fever)

8th December: Sarah Bellows is admitted to the Pennhurst hospital by her own family (Pennhurst hospital, Mill Valley, Pennsylvania) (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark)

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