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Movie history events from 1878

Josaphina Hoffman is born. (The Gorgon)

1st January: John Tunstall is assassinated by Murphy's henchmen while hunting a pheasant. (Young Guns)

26th July: Assistant Marshal Wyatt Earp trades shots with a band of drunken cowboys, fatally wounding one of them. (Dodge City) (Wyatt Earp)

17th August: Faced with the miscarriage of Count Vronsky's baby, Anna Karenina sends her estranged husband, Alexei Karenin, an urgent telegram readng: "I am dying. I beg...I implore you to come. I shall die easier with your forgiveness." Karenin makes arrangements to return to St. Petersburg on the overnight train. (St. Petersburg, Russia) (Anna Karenina)

18th August: Count Vronsky arrives at the Karenin home just in time to witness the near-death reconciliation between Anna and Alexei. After Alexei Karenin orders him from their house, Vronsky goes home and makes a failed suicide attempt. (St. Petersburg, Russia) (Anna Karenina)

18th December: John Kehoe, the last of the Molly Maguires, is executed. (Pennsylvania) (The Molly Maguires)

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