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Movie history events from 1807

19th January: Confederate General Robert E. Lee is born. (Westmoreland County, Virginia) (Gods and Generals)

21st February: Martin Van Buren marries Hannah Hoes. (Catskill, New York) (Amistad)

25th March: Slave Trade Act passed in Parliament. Slavery is abolished throughout the British Empire. (Great Britain.) (Amazing Grace)

13th June: Thomas Jefferson subpoenaed in Aaron Burr (Jefferson in Paris)

7th July: Capt Hornblower diverts Napoleon's Spanish allies by sponsoring a Central American revolution, and hooks up with Wellington's sister. (Captain Horatio Hornblower)

24th November: Mohawk Chief Thayendanegea, also known by his English name, Joseph Brant, dies at his home. (Burlington, Ontario) (Divided Loyalties)

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