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Movie history events from 1805

Napoleon invades Austria, and is then kidnapped and taken to the future. (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)

Capt Jack Aubrey leads the HMS Surprise against French warship the Acheron. (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World)

Count Cyril Bezuhkov dies. (War and Peace)

2nd April: Hans Christian Andersen is born. (Odensk, Denmark) (Hans Christian Andersen)

21st October: Lord Nelson is shot in the spine, from the French flagship Redoubtable, surviving long enough to learn that he has led the British Fleet to a magnificent victory against Napoleon. (Off Cape Trafalgar) (Lady Hamilton)

21st October: An ancestor of Jean-Luc Picard takes part in the Battle of Trafalgar. (Cape Trafalgar, Spain) (Star Trek: Generations)

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