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Movie history events from 1796

Tom Lefroy is sent away from the Austens; Jane begins work on Pride & Prejudice. (Becoming Jane)

Jacob Grimm comes home with beans instead of medicine for his sick sister, Lotte. (Germany) (The Brothers Grimm)

Connor MacLeod begins living on Hudson Street under the name Adrian Montagu. He would continue to live here until at least 1985 under the names Jaques Lefebret, Alfred Nicholson, Rupert Wallingford and Russell Nash. (New York City, New York) (Highlander)

Piscine Deligny is inaugurated. (Paris, France) (Life of Pi)

9th March: At 10pm, Napoleone di Buonaparte weds Jos (2nd Arrondissement, Paris, France) (Napoleon)

July: Napoleon fights the Battle of Castaglione. (Time Bandits)

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