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Movie events on the 7th October


Edgar Allan Poe dies from poisoning himself to save the life of Emily Hamilton. (Baltimore, MD) (The Raven)


Chicago White Sox win Game 6 of World Series. (Cincinnati, Ohio) (Eight Men Out)


Christy Mathewson dies. (Saranac Lake, New York) (The Pride of the Yankees)


Andy and Trish's eighth date. (Los Angeles, CA) (The 40 Year Old Virgin)


At half past four in the morning Katie Featherston is pulled out of her bed and gets draged through the hallway by something of an invisible force. Probably the demon who's haunting her. (San Diego, CA USA) (Paranormal Activity)

Two men, Trevor (whose eyes are sown shut) and a lawyer named Art Blank (whose mouth is sown shut), wake up in a mausoleum with a machine pulling chains tied to their neck nooses. (Saw IV)

After killing Trevor, Art finds an envelope containing instructions of what he has to do for the upcoming tests so that he can live. (Saw IV)


Elise and her boyfriend Adrian get a marriage license application. (The Adjustment Bureau)


Britt Reid parties all night and brings a woman to his father's garage full of cars. (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)


17:43:45 in London, New York City, and San Francisco is the initial second after a jump cut in a video that depicts the effects of Simian Flu on cities. (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

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