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Show Girl in Hollywood - timeline

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Friday 16th May: Studio boss Sam Otis fires philandering director Frank Buelow by invoking Section 13-A of his contract with the studio. (Hollywood, CA)

Saturday 17th May: Down-on-his-luck Broadway impressario Jimmy Doyle negotiates a deal with Hollywood producer Sam Otis for the motion picture rights to Doyle's latest musical flop "Rainbow Girl". (Brooklyn, New York)

Wednesday 28th May: Jimmy Doyle, author and producer of the Broadway flop "Rainbow Girl", arrives in Hollywood from New York via train along with John Barrymore, Billie Burke, Delores Costello, Al Jolson and Irving Berlin. Doyle heads straight to the studio to meet with film producer Sam Otis about casting Dixie Dugan in the lead of the film adaptation of "Rainbow Girl". (Hollywood, California)

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