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In His Life: The John Lennon Story - timeline

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Eleanor Rigby is born.


Julia meets her future husband Alfred Lennon. (Liverpool, England)


Tuesday 10th October: Eleanor Rigby dies 44 years of age asleep. (Liverpool, England)


July: John Lennon decides not to leave with his father and stays with his mother. (Blackpool, England)


May: John Lennon gets in trouble for being rebellious in school. (Liverpool, England)

Saturday 6th July: John Lennon meets Paul McCartney and asks him to join The Quarrymen. (Liverpool, England)


Thursday 6th February: Paul McCartney introduces George Harrison to John Lennon. (Liverpool, England)

March: George Harrison joins The Quarrymen. (Liverpool, England)

Tuesday 15th July: John Lennon's mother is struck by a car and killed. (Liverpool, England)


Wednesday 17th August: The Beatles arrive in Hamburg. (Hamburg, Germany)


Thursday 4th January: Mersey Beat newspaper contains the headline "Beatles Top Poll!".

Wednesday 22nd August: John Lennon's aunt Mimi is upset when he tells her that he's having a child and getting married. (Liverpool, England)

Thursday 23rd August: Cynthia Powell and John Lennon get married at Mount Pleasant Register office. (Liverpool, England)


Thursday 18th April: Julian Lennon is born. (Liverpool, England)

Tuesday 18th June: John Lennon and Cavern Club DJ Bob Wooler are in a punch up during Paul McCartney's 21st birthday. (Liverpool, England)

Wednesday 19th June: A newspaper article contains the headline "Beatle in Birthday Bash Punch Up".

Saturday 7th December: The Beatles perform at Odeon. (Liverpool, England)


Wednesday 15th January: John Lennon is shown a newspaper with the headline "Beatle John Lennon Secretly Married". (Paris, France)

Sunday 9th February: The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show.

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