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11th May: After having received a letter with a death threat, a frightened Lloyd Brandon is murdered in the streets of London by Gabriel Mateo, a gaucho flute player out to avenge the murder of his father. From his hiding place in the foliage, Mateo hurls a Chilean bolas, which first strangles young Brandon then smashes his skull. Brandon's body is discovered by his solicitor, Jerrold Hunter, who is detained and questioned by Scotland Yard Inspector Bristol until Sherlock Holmes convinces Bristol to release him. (London, England)

13th May: Evil mastermind, Professor Moriarty, shaves off his beard in order to disguise himself. Moriarty fools Dr. Watson and Sir Ronald Ramsgate by impersonating a policeman and gains entry to the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. His plan to steal the jewels is foiled at the last moment by his archnemesis Sherlock Holmes. (London, England)

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