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Thursday 3rd April: The Reaper virus is born, killing millions. (Scotland)

Thursday 3rd April: The Reaper virus infects Scotland, and a wall is built to shut the country off from England. (Glasgow)

Friday 20th June: Millions try to leave Scotland, but the military, and a 30ft fence, keep them in to isolate the deadly virus. (Scotland)

Friday 20th June: There is a mass exodus to escape the wide-spreading Reaper virus. (Scotland)


Survivors of the Reaper virus are spotted in Edinburgh and Glasgow for the first time in 24 years. (Scotland)


Eden Sinclair embarks on a daring visit to quarantined Scotland, when the Reaper virus appears again in London. (Scotland)

Major Eden Sinclair returns to Scotland with a cure for the Reaper virus, only to face cannibals and medieval soldiers.

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