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The Battle of Algiers quotes

The Battle of Algiers - timeline

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Sunday 10th June: As a fulfillment of their "duty of resistence" to French colonialism, Mahmud and Fatiha are married in a secret ceremony under the authority of the FLN. (Algiers, Algeria)

Wednesday 20th June: While on morning patrol, a French policeman is stabbed in the throat and robbed of his pistol. An hour later, a police station is ambushed by locals and two more officers are killed. By the afternoon, the streets are openly menaced by automatic weapon fire between rebel factions and the territorial guard. (Algiers, Algeria)

Friday 20th July: A Muslim woman smuggles a pistol in her burka through a French Legionaire checkpoint so it may be used to murder a guardsman sitting at a street cafe. Later that day, two more patrolmen fall victim to meticulously planned and executed assassinations. (Algiers, Algeria)


Monday 28th January: The United Nations opens debate on the French/Algerian Question. (New York, NY)

Tuesday 29th January: The FNL calls for a seven-day general strike for all Arab Algerians. (Algiers, Algeria)

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