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The Yakuza Papers 4: Police Tactics - timeline

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Tuesday 10th September: After a brief argument with members of the Makihara family, Hirono family member Kiyoshi Kawanishi drew his gun and pulled the trigger three times, misfiring each time. He was then shot dead in the street, sparking a new wave of violence between powerful yakuza families in Hiroshima and Kobe. (Kure, Japan)

Friday 11th October: Tomoji Okajima, chairman of Gisei Group, is gunned down in his garden. (Kure, Japan)

Thursday 17th October: The Gun Battle of Shintenchi: 2 dead, 3 critically wounded. After the wild public brawl turned deadly and directly threatened ordinary citizens, anti-gang sentiment boiled over. Pressured from all sides, the District Attorney orders the round-up of all yakuza family leaders. (Shintenchi, Japan)

Sunday 20th October: Boss Tatsuo Akashi's residence is bombed; in retaliation, the Shinwa Group offices are attacked, and gun-battles also erupt in Hiroshima between Akira Takeda loyalists and Shinichi Iwai's men at Takeda's offices. (Kure, Japan)

Friday 25th October: Shoichi Fujita, underboss of the Gisei Group, is shot dead by Hiroshi Yakuzi with the same gun Yakuzi received as a gift from Fujita; Yakuzi is apprehended that night. (Kure, Japan)


January: Shozo Hirono's parole is revoked and he's sentenced to seven years and four months. With Hirono, Akira Takeda, Shoichi Eda, Masakishi Makihara and Yoshio Yamamori all serving prison sentences, the Hiroshima/Kobe yakuza feud comes to its fruitless end after 17 deaths, 26 injuries and over 1500 arrests. Gangland violence soon disappears beneath an increasingly stable public order. (Hiroshima, Japan)

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