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The Yakuza Papers 3: Proxy War - timeline

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September: Fumio Sugihara, sworn brother to ailing yakuza boss Muraoka, is shot to death in a bold daylight attack; this leads to Muraoka's decision to step down. (Kure, Japan)


August: The Muraoka Family in Hiroshima and the Yamamori Family in Kure join forces. Yamamori becomes the yakuza boss of the newly combined family with 200 members. (Kure, Japan)


Monday 26th August: Hideo Hayakawa, Yoshio Yamamori's ally, attacks the family of his former boss Noboru Uchimoto, now an ally of yakuza boss Tatsuo Akashi. The Hiroshima Battle begins. (Hiroshima, Japan)

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