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Saturday 3rd April: Kate Forster plays in the snow - her dog Jack is not happy.

Wednesday 6th October: Simon Wyler dies. His son, Alex, receives a copy of Simon's book in his mailbox, 2 years before the book is published. (Chicago, IL)


Sunday 1st January: Alex Wyler has a depressing New Year, trying to forget about Kate Forster.

Tuesday 14th February: A mystery man is run over and dies in Kate Forster's arms - or does not - depending on the timeline. (Chicago)

Monday 10th July: 9:05pm - Kate Forster wants Alex Wyler, a pen-pal from the past that she's never met, to phone, but instead her ex, Morgan, does so. (Chicago)


Thursday 14th February: Kate Forster realises Alex Wyler was the man who died in her arms; Alex, having waited 2 years, turns up at the Lake House. (Chicago)

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