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June: Henry Hill helps bury mob captain Billy Batts, killed by Tommy Desimone and Jimmy Burke. (Upstate New York)

December: Tommy, Jimmy and Henry move Billy Batts' body when mob boss Paul Vario tells them they're building condos up there. (Upstate New York)


Thursday 11th June: The night Billy Blatts gets whacked: He is beaten, kicked and pistol-whipped to a bloody pulp in Henry Hill's bar by Tommy and Jimmy, then bundled into the trunk of the car. (Queens, New York)

Friday 12th June: In the early hours, Tommy & Jimmy stop at Tommy's mother's for a shovel and a large kitchen knife, then stab, shoot and bury Billy Blatts. (Queens, New York)


Monday 18th December: Tommy DeSimone kills Parnell "Stacks" Edwards. (Queens, New York)


Thursday 4th January: Morrie Kessler is killed.

Sunday 14th January: Tommy DeSimone is killed for killing Billy Batts. (Queens, New York)

Wednesday 16th May: Robert "Frenchy" McMahon is killed. (Brooklyn, New York)

Wednesday 16th May: Joe "Joe Buddha" Manri is killed. (Brooklyn, New York)

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