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Matt Stifler is born. (East Great Falls, Michigan)


Elyse Houston starts maturing after fourth grade. (East Great Falls, Michigan)


Elyse writes a bagpipe part for Matt. Matt plays in a kilt at the eight grade recital. Steve Stifler and his friends watch and make fun of him. Matt tries to impress them by tying Elyse's underwear to the flagpole. (East Great Falls, Michigan)


Elyse asks Brandon out on a date by the lake where they can use powerboats. Brandon rejects her offer. (Tall Oaks, Michigan)


Jim Levenstein impregnates his wife Michelle. Jim's dad accepts Michelle's position as the MACRO at Tall Oaks Band Camp. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

April: Matt has sex with three college girls in one week during spring break. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

May: Matt tries calling his older brother Steve, who is in charge of a porno company called Stifler Productions. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

June: Steve sends a postcard with insults to Matt. Matt ruins the senior graduation concert at East Great Falls High School. Chuck Sherman, now a guidance counsellor, sends Matt to band camp. Matt's high school friends go to a club party where they drink Brazilian rum. Matt starts filming a porno at band camp to impress his brother. He beats snare drummer Brandon by playing bagpipes and videotapes Oscar and Sharie in the woods. Ernie impresses Chloe with his robot.

July: Matt bonds with Ernie, Oscar, Jimmy, and Elyse. (Tall Oaks, Michigan)

August: Matt unintentionally causes the East Great Falls band to vomit during a band playoff. Mr. Levenstein tells Matt that everybody hated his brother. (Tall Oaks, Michigan)

Sunday 21st August: Matt sees The Shermanator, who believes that Matt is making progress. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

September: Matt and the rest of the band help Elyse win a scholarship for Robards Conservatory. (Lansing, Michigan)

Saturday 3rd September: The back to school concert is held at East Great Falls High. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

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