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Paul Finch is born.


Friday 27th November: Steve Stifler gets PentaLax prescribed by Dr. R. Gruntzer.


Jim, Finch, Oz & Kevin make a pact that they will all lose their virginity by prom night. (Michigan)

May: Jim Levenstein tries to have sex with Nadia and fails... twice. This event is broadcasted over the internet. The next day, Jim asks Michelle Flaherty to go with him to the prom. Stifler puts PentaLax in Finch's mochaccino, causing Finch to run to the girl's bathroom. He is humiliated when everyone sees him walking out. Oz leaves the lacrosse game to sing with Heather.

Thursday 27th May: After this day, Stifler's PentaLax has to be discarded.

June: At the prom, Chuck Sherman's date reveals that she didn't have sex with him and that Chuck wets his pants whenever he feels nervous. Sherman wets his pants. After the prom, a party is thrown at Stifler's house. Kevin and Vicky have sex. Oz and Heather have sex. Finch has sex with Stifler's mom. Jim and Michelle have sex in Matt Stifler's bedroom. The morning after the prom, Vicky breaks up with Kevin. Jim wakes up and finds out that Michelle is gone. Steve faints when he discovers that Finch slept with his mom.

September: Vicky goes to Cornell University. Heather goes to Michigan Sate University.

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