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A Spanish gold doubloon finds its way onto the future ghost-ship Elizabeth Dane.


10th April: John Malone meets Blake who wants to buy half of the island to use as a leper colony for his people. (Antonio Island)


21st April: A shipwreck takes place when there is fog.

9th December: Father Patrick Malone meets with Blake for the first time. Blake stays in the shadows so Malone cannot see his face. (Antonio Bay, California)

11th December: Blake wants to relocate the entire colony. (Antonio Bay, California)


20th April: Six conspirators, including Malone, plan the death of Blake and his comrades. (Antonio Bay, California)

21st April: A fog aids the conspirators in the murder of Blake and his comrades. (Antonio Bay, California)


Tuesday 21st April: A fog brings Blake and his comrades back as undead. (Antonio Bay, California)

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