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April: A tornado hits Kanzas sending Dorathy Gale to the Land of Oz for the first time where she meets many friends and kills both the Wicked Witch of the East and the Wicked Witch of the West. (Kansas)

October: Dorathy Gale escapes from an electro-shock therapy clinic in Cottonwood Falls, Kanzas during the night. She is swept away in a nearby river during a serious rain storm and wakes up back in Oz. There she meets new friends and defeats the Nome King and the evil Princess Mombi. (Kanzas)


Dorothy Gale returns to a ruined Oz with her pet chicken Billina and has adventures with copper mechanical man TikTok, another scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head named Jack, and a sofa with a mounted gump's head; she kills the Gnome King and restores Oz before returning back to Kansas. (Kansas)

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