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Tuesday 14th February: Future cryoprison warden William Smithers born.


Mass-murderer Simon Phoenix is captured by John Spartan, and both are cryogenically frozen when hostages die in the capture.

Wednesday 20th November: John Spartan is cyrogenically frozen after his enocunter with Simon Phoenix. (Los Angeles)


The Great Earthquake hits San Diego and Los Angeles, damaging them both. The two cities are merged together later to form San Angeles. (San Diego and Los Angeles)


August: The SAPD thaws John Spartan to stop the escaped Phoenix. He does, after freezing and decapitating him, and blowing up the cyrofacility. Note: Since Phoenix escaped in August, the film would have to be set there too. (San Angeles)

Tuesday 3rd August: Simon Phoenix escapes cryofacility during release hearing. (San Angeles)

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