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Humans create humanoid drone robots with artificial intelligence to fill jobs as construction workers and servants - or do they?


Human military leaders try to block the sun to prevent robots gaining energy; the plan backfires and the atmosphere is destroyed - if it's all happening anyway.


Machines take over human armies and try to harness human bio-electricity to replace the sun's energy - or not.


Machines create the Matrix, a dream-like world set in 1999, to extend the lives of the comatose human batteries - or this happens centuries later.


'The One' learns he can manipulate the Matrix world through thought, and escapes to the underground human stronghold of Zion - or something else happens.


Morpheus born in a Matrix womb, freed in childhood - believe that and you'll believe anything.


Trinity born in a Matrix womb, freed in early childhood - though the year may need some tweaking.

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