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The Nebuchadnezzar transport ship, later to be captained by Morpheus, is constructed - or is it? (USA)


AI programs evolve and some robots begin to resent their human overlords - or do they?


The first case of a machine rising up against its owners, as butler robot B166ER slaughters two humans, leading to a backlash against AI - or is there/does it?


Robots establish Zero One community, after anti-machine rioting pushes them out of major cities - maybe, or not. (Middle East)


Zero One robot community thrives and creates superior vehicles, computers and weaponry to wipe out many human nations - praps. (Middle East)


UN officials refuse to acknowledge robot civilisation Zero One as a sovereign nation, causing a trade blockade and then war - possibly, probably not though.


Zero One robot community survives a nuclear attack, and retaliates against humans - or it doesn't.


The Oracle prophesies that Morpheus will discover the second coming of The One - she didn't prophesy the year was nonsense though.


The Osiris, another human rebellion ship, discovers machines drilling through the Earth above Zion; Neo encounters the Architect, who might have questions about the date.

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