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Tuesday 6th June: Hundreds of soldiers, including Teddy Duchamp's father, storm the beach. (Normandy)


October: Gordie Lachance is born - Chris Chambers, Teddy Duchamp and Vern Tessio are born within months. (Castle Rock, Maine)


Stand By Me.

April: Dennis LaChance, older brother of Gordon, dies in a jeep accident. (Castle Rock, OR)

August: Teddy Duchamp, Vern Tessio, Gordie Lachance and Chris Chambers see a dead body for the first time, and come back changed from boys into men. (just off the railway, outside Castle Rock, Maine)

Sunday 13th September: The Castle Rock Women's Auxiliary Club Quilting Bee. (Castle Rock, Maine)


Wednesday 4th September: Newspaper put out on of the stabbing and consequent of attorney Chris Chambers when he tried to break up a fight between two strangers. We can assume the stabbing probably occured the day before, or at least very recently.

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