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John Bates dies. His son and wife Norman and Norma live alone together. (Kern County, California)


Norman Bates kills his mother Norma and her new lover with strychnine. It is believed that Norma's body is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, but Norman keeps the corpse in the motel and emulates her personality. (Kern County, California)


Marion Crane's license plate expires. (Phoenix, Arizona)


Thursday 15th January: A date in Marion Crane's bankbook. (Phoenix, Arizona)

Tuesday 20th January: A date in Marion's bankbook. (Phoenix, Arizona)

Friday 11th December: In need of money to help her divorced boyfriend Sam Loomis, secretary Marion Crane steals $40,000 from one of her employer's clients and flees in her car. (Phoenix, Arizona)

Saturday 12th December: Marion checks into the Bates Motel and meets Norman Bates, who tells her about his mother. She is stabbed to death in a shower. Norman puts her body, the money, and her car in the swamp. (Kern County, California)

Friday 18th December: It has been one week since Marion Crane went missing.

Saturday 19th December: Private detective Milton Arbogast questions Norman. When he investigates the motel, he is stabbed to death and falls down the stairs. Sam Loomis and Marion's sister Lila worry about him. (Kern County, California)

Sunday 20th December: Norman Bates is arrested when it is discovered that he had his mother's corpse and emulated her personality. His mother's personality seems to have completely taken over him. (Kern County, California)

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