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Movie history events from 1860

Baron Victor von Frankenstein recounts the events concerning the monster that he created and is sentenced to be executed. (The Curse of Frankenstein)

The United States Civil War begins. (Django Unchained)

Finecott/Davis, LTD is started. (The Fog)

Someone stops inhabiting a building. (Vandorf, Germany) (The Gorgon)

Baron Victor von Frankenstein, sentenced to death, escapes execution by the guillotine by having a priest beheaded and buried in his place with the aid of some of his followers. He goes to Carlsbruck and starts using the alias Dr. Stein. (The Revenge of Frankenstein)

9th May: James Barrie is born. (Scotland) (Finding Neverland)

13th August: Annie Oakley is born. (Patterson Township, Ohio) (Annie Oakley)

21st November: Tom Horn is born. (Memphis, Missouri) (Tom Horn)

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