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Movie history events from 1838

The Count of Monte Cristo arrives in a lavish balloon. (Paris) (The Count of Monte Cristo)

Count Orlok arrives in the area and takes aim on his real estate agent's wife. (Bremen) (Nosferatu)

12th January: After his Mormon bank fails in the Panic of 1837, Joseph Smith flees Kirtland, Ohio, to avoid arrest and heads for Missouri to rebuild his religious community. (September Dawn)

12th March: Lewis D. Bell is born. (Night of the Living Dead 3D)

21st April: John Muir is born. (Dunbar, Scotland) (Guardian of the Wilderness)

26th August: Ralph Waldo Emerson meets Thomas Carlyle. (The Adventures of Mark Twain)

25th October: Georges Bizet is born. (Paris, France) (The Doors)

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